Austin, TX Oct 2008

Austin, TX Oct 2008

So here we are – blog initiation day.. actually, that was two days ago but technical difficulties caused a bit of a delay. (Expect a future blog on work-arounds)

Not much to say really – just gearing up for the annual partner conference next month. This is where all good consultants go to reconnect with colleagues, share ideas, beg for software features and of course, learn about the upcoming software release(s). Oh yea, and for some party till the cows come home.

All this so that our clients will be better served and, naturally, to keep ourselves in business.

I feel that our current economic climate makes this [possibly] the single most important event that that I will attend this year as far as growing my business. Not so much because I will change my business plan or radically alter my vision but rather because I will be infused with new life. I will come back re-energized and re-focused. It’s a good thing.

It’s funny, because for me it’s always a big social event. (Remember the cows?) A three day whirlwind of days spent learning and sharing ideas, and evenings reconnecting, networking and in most cases getting too little sleep. Adrenaline is key.

Last year the scene was set in Austin and the year before that, New Orleans. This year will find us on the east coast in Morristown NJ. Not quite the same tempo as the prior locations but still something to offer I’m sure.

After all, I get to be with my peers as well as with those that have also become my friends. The location isn’t really important. I am looking forward to seeing my friends. I’d be lying if I said otherwise.