Ok, so I waited a while before reviewing AccountEdge Mobile because I wanted to use it & get the feel for what it actually is and what it does.

Like many people I too had a quick trigger reaction when I first installed it and the conversation in my head started with something like, “But why won’t it…” and “Aw, but I want to______ and I can’t?” Blah, blah, blah.

So, why DO I like it and what does it do? For starters, it’s an awesome expense tracker. You upload & sync all of your cards and voila, no more forgetting what the heck you spent your cash on. Pretty useful though to some of you this may seem banal. But take a minute here to think about it, either in the setting of an individual or a company with more than one person spending money, what better way to track it when you are out & about? You can spend it out of petty cash, a credit card, out of your checking account if you use a debit card or even queue up a check you don’t want to forget to run.

A more creative use is to track employee out of pocket spending for later reimbursement. Post to a liability account, match to the receipts they turn in to back up the spending and again, voila, a neat little package to write an expense check against. You can even print a reconciliation report no muss no fuss. (This part from AccountEdge Desktop of course.)

I am fond of the time billing aspect as well. While I myself don’t invoice directly from my iPad (and I could if I wanted to) I like the ability to track my time for later compilation in my monthly billing. Not earth shattering by any means, but it’s an app that says what it does & does what it says. It’s simple, it’s utilitarian and I like it.

So by now you may have seen one word come up a few times and that is the word TRACK. Now replace that with the word RECORD. In two words that tells you what AccountEdge Mobile does. It tracks & records things for later syncing/downloading into AccountEdge. It is NOT a mobile version of AccountEdge and the sooner one realizes this the sooner one can appreciate it’s finer points and intended usage.

I will not delve into arguing why a developer would put out a FREE product for the mobile industry that compliments their full desktop product. To me that is self evident and all of us as business people, in business to make a living and dare I say make money should have sufficient sense and understanding as to why it is not a mobile desktop mini-me.

So to sum it up: AccountEdge Mobile is a good app that gives me & my business more flexibility. Does it fit how every AccountEdge user uses their software? No. Does it fit me and as I suspect many businesses? Absolutely.