Finally, AccountEdge Basic is here. For anyone wondering, AccountEdge Basic will be taking over for the now long in the tooth FirstEdge. To be clear this is NOT an update to FirstEdge, though you can upgrade your FirstEdge data file. Instead this is a new software package that essentially addresses the same niche, but does so with wider appeal and in such a manner that is pure genius.

Visually, the software is stunning. Completely Macified, it’s Command Center bears no resemblance to it’s predecessors other than the flow chart is still accessed inside a rectangle. It’s tabbed browsing not unlike Safari lends to it a familiar feel while it’s crisp appearance is eye pleasing and easy to read. The rest of the interface is straight out of AccountEdge which has been incrementally evolving it’s look, making it a nice fit.

AccountEdge Basic is a powerhouse in a neat little package. Last weekend I took the time to go through it and what I found really impressed me. From the moment you install it, (like any proper Mac software by dragging it to your Apps folder) to when you actually begin to set up your company file you feel guided & supported. At first launch you are greeted by help options, a YouTube video & the ability to test drive the sample data. Having this collectively at one’s fingertips makes it a very user friendly software – after all, we are talking accounting.

On a side note, I deeply suspect that it’s welcome screen tips it’s design hat to Checkout, Acclivity’s point of sale software, which incidentally, with an upgrade to AccountEdge Pro is an add on solution for those with a brick & mortar shop. A very familiar interface indeed!

Under the hood AEB is solid accounting software. With it you can sell services, merchandise, have images of your products and sell online with EnStore integration that is built right in. Additional aspects of this robust feature set, allow you to further sort items by assigning brands & tags. If you’re part of the mobile crowd, (and who isn’t these days?) you can use AccountEdge Mobile to enter transactions and then sync back to your live data file via DropBox.

Not just pretty colors & windows, here comes the real accounting. You can keep track of your banking, credit card expenses and sales. With a few clicks you will know who owes you money, who’s paid and who you need to follow up on. In addition to the prerequisite accountant’s reports (P/L, Balance Sheet & Trial Balance), AccountEdge Basic gives the user a wide range of reports that lend depth & insight into their business.

For those that need more out of their accounting software, there are upgrade & add on solutions that will allow credit card processing, point of sale and full feature payroll with SurePayroll integration – naturally these add ons have their own price structure.

Speaking of pricing, how much is AccountEdge Basic going to set you back? $99.00. Yup, that’s it. $99.00 for this little piece of sheer Mac elegance!