checkoutMWSF2008bAlrighty then. Really pushing the new software – no – I mean really pushing it. I just completed the Checkout boot camp – part of this was covering last years basic knowledge and the rest was a rundown & training on the new features on the latest release. (v3) Sweet if I do say so. (I told you I get excited about this stuff)

OK – all you retail junkies and tchotchke vendors pushing your wares – I have the software for you! Have a look at Werck’s Checkout – or checkout Checkout if you will. Are you selling doggie T’s in teal, peanut-butter, ash & midnight? Do you carry sizes for teacups, boxers, labs & st. bernards? No problem! After a few clicks of the mouse Checkout automatically creates all of the variants of your combined criteria and and you’re ready to inventory & sell. All this you can do while sipping your latte and musing over the affairs of all your Twitter friends. See for yourself: Checkout 3.0