Oaxaca, MX Oct 31, 2005

Oaxaca, MX Oct 31, 2005

So I was thinking, ok, it’s time for another post – but what to talk about? I have many ideas jotted down in Evernote – and by the way, it’s an amazing little tool for organizing your brain – especially if it ricochets around all the time like mine does. (case in point). Anyway, check them out, great app and the best part, it’s free. You can subscribe for more muscle if you’d like, but the basics are free.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. My brain is bouncing off the walls and has been all week – jet lag and all. Why? Because I went to a business conference that got me excited about my business again. Not that I was bored mind you, but maybe a little too comfortable. So that’s what I want to address today: Passion, inspiration and motivation.

I have a good life. I have my own business, great word of mouth and a very loyal client following. Don’t ask how few hours I work. You’d want to hurt me. Done, right? Nope.

One of the things that I have struggled with this year more than most is getting locked into the box. It’s easy when you don’t have an office to go to and a water cooler to gather around. There’s a lot to be said for chatting with your peers.

Generally speaking my friends are of a diverse nature but the majority of them don’t do what I do for a living or even understand what I do for a living. That can be very stifling to the thought process to grow one’s business. At least it is for me. I have become too comfortable – borderline lazy if you will – and that serves no one. So what to do? Well, for me there have always been two infusions I take somewhat back to back.

One, the Acclivity Partner Conference which at it’s worst, wakes up my brain simply by talking to people smarter than me, in a different place than me (both geographically and business wise) or in a different capacity than me. (Programmers, developers, management, etc.) It keeps me on my toes. A better scenario it inspires me & gives me direction and vision for myself. Marketing, promotion – VISIBILTY.

Next is MacWorld (moment of silence please, as Apple pulled out this year). Macworld, where to begin? OK, besides the energy that buzzes around the building, once again I get to be with my peers – those that are smarter than me, different places than me, do different jobs than me. On top of that, (forgive the term) I’m a booth whore. I love being at the booth and talking about the products I support. I get to impart my knowledge upon someone else as well as get challenged in areas I may be a bit lacking in. It’s a wonderful learning experience – I say this in spite of jack-h*les that inadvertently do wander into the booth.

Here’s the deal, I love what I do for a living, and every now & again I lose my way. I need that proverbial kick in the rear to wake me up. I can’t imagine that I am alone in this. There are so many advantages to having your own business and so many pitfalls. What are your experiences? What motivates you? We all have different businesses and different things that can ignite our passions. You owe it to yourself and to your business to find yours. Think about it, for yourself at least. Even better, I’d love to hear it. Share your thoughts!