Today I was the client – yet I feel so under accomplished. I spent the majority of my morning and spilled into the early part of the afternoon with phone calls. I followed that up with a self imposed Checkout refresher course and real life need application. (I am happy to report that went well)

Kiah @ Knox Street Park

Kiah @ Knox Street Park

After that I replied to many emails (sorry if yours wasn’t one of them) and finally got around to walking my dog. Did I mention it was getting dark by that time?

Now backtrack to the wee hours where I began my day by monitoring Twitter, Yahoo! Answers & anything else that might bring me web traffic & phone calls. Whew!

So how many of us do this? Wear many hats I mean. It’s funny, but all of those things I did in the last 24 hours (sans the dog walking) are meant to eventually generate income. Fortunately I enjoy those “other” aspects of my business. Even so, it’s still an incredible challenge to find balance – especially at this time of year when everything is turned up a few notches.

I can’t stress enough that ignoring the “me” client is one of the worst things we as small business owners are guilty of. I see this in myself and sometimes in my clients. Procrastination brought on by feeling overwhelmed with one’s tasks leads to – ZERO getting done followed by a bigger pile on the desk and even less getting done the next day. Quite ineffectual I must say.

To snap out of that twist I need the satisfaction of getting something done. One small win begets another, and another, and another – ad infinitum. That’s how I pull myself up from my bootstraps. What I focus on doesn’t always make sense – but it moves me forward. I pick a task, for example entering all of my time billing, and get that done. Cool – check it off the list. Now skew the perspective a bit and see what kind of results that one action will have. Time slips entered = invoices can be generated = billing clients = clients pay = CASH FLOW = less stress over finances.

So I have to say, that in spite of me feeling like an underachiever today (though somewhere in there I did a couple of hours of billable work) I really accomplished a lot.

It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that it’s not always the billable hours that keep our businesses healthy, but rather the balance that we bring in by doing our jobs, reconciling our own bank statements, keeping up with our billing and later, putting on another hat & walking the dog.